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About us

Independent Directors' Institute (IDI) is an initiative by RightSource Global (RSG). RSG has three different business units (Consulting, Global Talent Management & Digital labs) that collaborate and work in tandem to ensure that we deliver the best experience to our clients. Keeping our clients at the forefront of innovation, we guarantee that they are globally competitive. With multiple projects with clients from across the globe under our belt, we have made a considerable impact on how businesses and organisations function worldwide. We envision a world that works for everyone; We seek to make it happen through our technologically advanced products, solutions, services, and execution.

IDI is an extension of RSG’s Executive Search and Boardship Practice to facilitate qualified professionals to be placed on India Inc. IDI, is on a journey to contribute towards the country's economic development by providing trained skill professionals to lead the exemplary boards. The institute has made a remarkable difference by providing many renowned Board Members to the Top Organisations of the country.

Approx. 2150

Companies Registered with Data Bank.


Total Listed Companies which come under the Statutory Obligation to onboard Independent Directors.

Approx. 9000

Professionals passed online proficiency test. 

Approx. 5900

Searches made by companies for Independent Directors

Key Statistics

As per IDI Research.

Business Meeting


Independent Directors serve as an important institution of corporate governance, significantly contributing to boards by bringing diverse sets of skills as well as independent judgement on critical problems. Independent Directors must act as custodians of good governance by effectively monitoring and advising. They must act in the best interests of the company and all stakeholders.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs recognises the importance of bolstering the institution of Independent Directors and intensifying its effectiveness by developing a pool of skilled professionals to serve as Agents of Change. MCA has generated a databank for Independent Directors in accordance with Section 150 of the Companies Act, 2013.


Simultaneously, the Ministry has provided for the capacity building of Independent Directors through an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver an interactive and engaging library of eLearning courses, operating as a facilitator and educator.



  • Generate a database of Independent Directors through the appointment of current Independent Directors as well as professionals aspiring to be Independent Directors.


  • Individual capacities can be built by delivering eLearning courses on corporate governance, regulatory framework, financial prudence, and other important topics.


  • Individuals should be given a platform to help them gain knowledge, develop new skills, assess their understanding, and apply best practices.

  • Create an eco-system of individuals seeking opportunities and corporations looking for Independent Directors.

IDI Objectives
Business Consultation

IDI Program Features

  • Appointment of professionals with and without DIN to serve as Independent Directors

  • Online courses delivered via a Learning Management System (LMS):

    • Courses for the Board Basics and Advanced Concepts.

    • Courses for Board Concepts Implementation and International Best Practices.

  • Newsletters and knowledge resources for professional development.

  • Profile sharing for corporate access to assist them in appointing well-trained and knowledgeable Independent Directors.

IDI Program Features
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