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A community for independent directors with a clear focus on capability building, training & coaching, networking, opportunities' exploration and more...

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About Us 

Independent Directors' Institute (IDI) is an initiative by RightSource Global (RSG). RSG has three different business units (Consulting, Global Talent Management & Digital labs) that collaborate and work in tandem to ensure that we deliver the best experience to our clients. Keeping our clients at the forefront of innovation, we guarantee that they are globally competitive. With multiple projects with clients from across the globe under our belt, we have made a considerable impact on how businesses and organisations function worldwide. We envision a world that works for everyone; We seek to make it happen through our technologically advanced products, solutions, services, and execution.

IDI is an extension of RSG’s Executive Search and Boardship Practice to facilitate qualified professionals to be placed on India Inc. IDI, is on a journey to contribute towards the country's economic development by providing trained skill professionals to lead the exemplary boards. The institute has made a remarkable difference by providing many renowned Board Members to the Top Organisations of the country.

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